How to deal with "Food Poisoning"

How to deal with "Food Poisoning"
I work up with food poisoning at 5 am. I kept throwing up until the time I taught "Detox Abs class" at 9:45 am. Amazingly, I stop throwing up. I guess the class really helps even with condition of upset stomach! - Aya
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How to deal with "Food Poisoning"
How to deal with "Food poisoning" :
Food poisoning can be serious. Best thing is to take acidophilis and probiotics. Sometimes you can get them in a yogurt with live cultures - such as Activia. But if you are very sick, you can get active probiotics or acidopholis pills at Whole Earth. You must drink lots of water. Do not wait too long. If it is serious, a doctor can give you antibiotics too! Be careful with food - never keep things too long. If you cook something, let it cool and then put it in the fridgerator. Don't let things sit out overnight. Never cover a pot of hot food and let it sit on the counter or on the fridge. Always let it cool with the lid not closed tight. Think about what you ate the day you got sick, or the night before. Maybe you should throw those things out - even if you used sauces or jars that you have in the fridgerator. Please take care of yourself. - SiliconValleyOldTimer
Drink water little by little. Don't drink Milk. Throw up to get rid of bugs out of your system. Hold your stomach while throwing up. But if you cannot stop throwing up, then go to emergency. - A.
Eat soft rice or bread for a while. Don't drink anything cause acid. Tea and water is good. - R. 

[ In Japanese ] 食後3~4時間以内に激しい腹痛、下痢、嘔吐の症状。食あたりの時はすぐに胃の中のものを全部吐かせましょう。症状が改善されない場合は病院へ。半日以上 たってから症状が出た場合は毒素が体内に吸収されている可能性が高いので吐かせず病院へ行きましょう。吐いた物や便を病院に持っていくと診察の際役立ちま す。下痢止めは基本的には使わないほうが良いです。体に悪いのを出すのですから。