Reiki Ethics

“All heartache is caused by wrong viewpoints.” – Vernon Howard

The Secret Method to Invite Happiness
The Miracle Medicine for All Diseases

For today only, do not be angry.
Do not be anxious, and be grateful
Work hard and be kind to others.
Gassho and repeat them in your mind
at the beginning and the end of each day.

Improve your mind and body

Reiki is more than a healing method. Reiki is a way of life. The principles and
precepts give us guidelines that seem easy enough to follow. Do not worry, do
your work honestly, do not anger, honor your parents, teachers and elders, and
show gratitude to everything. Living these guidelines and practicing Reiki daily
will allow us to live Reiki, be Reiki and become a Master Reiki Practitioner.

A quote by founder: Mikao Usui