Wisdom: sagacity, intelligence, sense, common sense, shrewdness, astuteness, smartness, judiciousness, judgment, prudence, circumspection; logic, rationale, rationality, soundness, advisability.
These pictures are my grandfather and grandmother whom I respect so much.
They passed away few years ago.  Today, they live in my heart.
As I grew up, I was told to respect elders without questioning.
Why?  They simply lived longer and perhaps had more experience in life.
My favorite words grandmother said, “open both eyes to see the partner well before marriage and close one eye after the marriage.”  It means that you have to let go so many small things in daily bases and be more flexible to live with another person.  Well said. Today, we are living in the competitive, selfish and disposal modern life to just drop the problem and move on.  We do not learn what the life is all about without confronting problems to solve with love.  I miss my grandfather and grandmother a lot.  I wish they were here with me to keep giving me wisdom in life.
Wisdom:KI-DO has a lot of wisdoms in the mind and body movements that were passed on from these magnificent great beings. I do not waste their wisdoms to live such simple happy life. I am here today to share all knowledge and culture with you to be more open, wise, and loving.
They never went to see doctors.
They never took any medications.
They were healthy and lean.
They lived simple and healthy lives into their 90's.
We are all capable of living our life like them.  That is my dream and we will make it come true!  Our mission is Independent Ageless Happy Living.
Let’s practice together every week to re-adjust our energy flow.
Let’s make healthy habit and start living with your happy body.
It's a proven wisdom added to the exercise from the world's longest lived country, Japan.
It’s a gentle exercise on a Yoga mat for all ages, genders, beginners and advances, targeting Independent Ageless Happy Living by adopting ancient wisdoms.

The Union of Ancient Healing Systems
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